Endémico, Mexico

“Ahh, the great outdoors. Many a hotel promises to put you in touch with nature, but frightfully few deliver.Endémico – a series of luxury cabins perched on the winery-crowded hills of Baja California, Mexico – is one that delivers, and deliver in abundance it does. Gracia Studio, a design agency based in Tijuana, were called in by Mexico’s hottest hoteliers Grupo Habita to create the sumptuously kitted out modular cabins that dot the hills around the village of Valle de Guadalupe.

Nestled amongst the natural boulders, and with terracotta chimneys providing those campfire vibes, you almost feel as if you could kill a rattlesnake with your bare hands. But, of course, you’ll opt to guzzle a second bottle of fine local wine, sat comfortably on your Scandi-chic outdoor furniture, instead.

Once you’re done there, you can find the hidden pool, restaurant and bar that are nestled somewhere amongst those evocative boulders and tumbleweed; “We don’t only build hotels, we build experiences”, Grupo Habita’s Carlos Couturier and Moisés Micha explain, and it’s hard to imagine better of either…”


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