“The Digital Economy Bill” – wash-up/stitch-up



Following the passing of the #DEBill and what it means for a fair, uncensored, unprejudiced and open internet (the proposed end of it) we have still a few steps in trying to bring it to our MP’s attention, even if just to rap them over the knuckles for being lazy fat fucking c*nts and not showing up to vote or stupid twats for not having fully read and understood the proposals contained in the Bill. Although, in all likelihood, given whats gone before, it may amount to fuck-all.

To quote SKEPTOBOT, as he outlined in his excellent Blog post:

“Open Letters were written. Crowd sourced lists of the MPs in attendance were pulled together. 

20,000 wrote to their MPs. Thousands protested or rang MPs. #DEBill became the top trending topic on Twitter.


There are 646 MPs. About 

40 turned up for the second reading. About 16 made it to the end.

The third reading has been just as bad. Almost Empty. 2 hours given to debate amendments to 50 clauses.

The first clause took 1hr. The last 49 were glossed over in the last hour.

Ten minutes before the vote labour MPs put down their drinks, pulled themselves out of the bar and stumbled in to vote for the Bill. Having listened to nothing.



The Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2010/mar/28/pre-election-parliamentary-wash-up

It’s been much publicised and followed by the media, both local and international, and Tweeted & discussed about, but it seems as usual those voting for this Bill had the least concern.


We could let them know that we’re watching. That an uncensored and open internet is a powerful thing and something we think is worth fighting for.

1. Find out who your MP is on Parliament’s website at http://findyourmp.parliament.uk/

2. Look on this list, See if you MP voted FOR or AGAINST the DEBill, or didn’t even show up to vote.

3. If you feel so inclined, write your shiftless MP a letter expressing your disappointment in them using http://www.writetothem.com/

4. If you’re still disappointed, using google to find out where they live you could resort to toilet-papering their house or the ol’ “dogshit-in-a-paper-bag-on-fire-on-their-doorstep” thing. Neither of which I’m actually recommending.

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