Apollo 11 Moon Landing Pictures (from boston.com)

Another round of awesome pictures over at boston.com all about the Apollo 11 Moon landing, and all in time for it’s 40th anniversary.
Below are my favourites in some form of chronological order, but for further details on the individual pictures, I’d encourage you to head over to boston.com for their explanations.
Also worth checking out is wechoosethemoon.org, which has lots of photos, video (which they streamed “live” 40 years to the minute after the original event!) and other info. 
It’s a shame we don’t have anything (that I can think of anyway) that is so unifying an experience as that appeared to have been. nowadays we feel we’ve “experienced something unique” if we were there for the Vodacom Trafalgar Square karaoke or some flashmob or something else equally manufactured and cynically manipulated; driven by financial concerns rather than the desire to achieve and explore. With the internet and it’s Facebooks, Twitters, Diggs and suchlike, or “togetherness” is more clicky than ever before…
Those are my feelings anyway.

See and download the full gallery on posterous


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