Matchbox “War” Campaign

Found this over at CR Blog ( These are the new ads for Matchbox, and while I get the concept and certainly “played war” as a li’l one (sometimes with “Tom Thumbs” and army men in the flower beds of my mum’s garden), I find them massively disturbing.

I agree with the writer on that site that the unease comes partly from the tired, harrowed & expressionless face of the boy (real war doesn’t look like much fun) and from the fact that now isn’t the time to feature these images, where there are very real wars going on and (specifically here) newspapers are featuring stories of the young men killed in war and the pleas from their parents. Adults will relate to these images in almost the exact opposite way the art director probably imagined. On the whole, these do a disservice to Matchbox…

See and download the full gallery on posterous

2 Responses to “Matchbox “War” Campaign”

  1. I think this sums up nicely my problem with chasing awards. This was designed to appeal to a very small target audience. A handful of visitors to the French Riviera.

    Anyone in their right mind can work out this will have the opposite effect on the minds of children to what I believe the advertiser wants – which is to shuffle boxes of moulded plastic toys from the shelf to the till.

    Disaster area.

  2. Yeah, it’s kind of disturbing – cant put my finger on exactly what it is – maybe when I was a kid your toy soldiers were these little grey lumps of plastic. Matchbox looks real hence the strange connection between toys that replicate burning crushing, incinerating, maiming, dismembering and agonizing death and toys just made for fun. Great fun that kind of stuff – goes against civilized values. Fantasizing about that kind of thing is not kids stuff in my opinion.

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