RSS Feeds & Helvetireader

90% of my internet viewing experience is based on following a set number of websites via RSS feeds. OK, I lie. It’s about 40%, the other 60% split fairly between trawling eBay for shit I don’t want or need (except that frikkin’ awesome Darth Vader mug I won last week*) and searching for porn. For educational and artistic reasons only, mind you
Anyway, RSS. Given that all my news-like information, design-like inspiration and general ‘mirror of popular opinion’ comes from this one feed, it’s important that it doesn’t suck.
So far the best RSS reader in my opinion is simply Google Reader within Safari. Any others I’ve tried (“Times” for example) fall short on how to deal with image-based feeds.
While Google Reader is the best in terms of functionality, it’s as pretty to look at as a cat’s arsehole (and cat’s do love to show them off, one of the many reasons I like dogs)
Which is where Helvetireader comes in. Everything should be this simple, this beautiful. Where buttons and options only show themselves when you go to click on where you know they will be. Case in point is illustrated below:
Without gushing, it’s a fucking pleasure to look at, and I wish more web designers (Google’s own included) would learn from it.
As to how to get it, its a matter of installing “Greasekit” for Safari and downloading the “Helvetireader” script, which ‘skins’ googlereader’s default page.

See and download the full gallery on posterous


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