Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Palin

Top Ten Reasons to vote for Palin:
1.  Pailin is the only candidate with experience in Russian Foreign Relations based on proximity.
2.  Being a hockey mom is just like being president.
3.  4 more years of awesome Tina Fey impressions.
4.  She is the only candidate you can masturbate to.
5.  Drill baby, Drill
6.  When she had the option to keep or abort her retarded child, she chose to give it a retarded name.
7.  Second place in Miss Alaska pagent, but she was robbed !!!
8.  Best prepared candidate to deal with a terrorist attack.  If the terrorists are moose related.
9.  Only candidate with a sex tape.
10.  Again, the sex tape.
[Comes from with a NSFW pic]
More fun though is the Palin as President site ( which lets you imagine the posibilities if the Republicans win again and McCan’t has a heart-attack/stroke/prolapsed rectum, she’ll have her finger on the button…


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