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An interwebnet full of wrongness

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A selection of my favourites, found over at

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Top Ten Reasons to Vote for Palin

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Top Ten Reasons to vote for Palin:
1.  Pailin is the only candidate with experience in Russian Foreign Relations based on proximity.
2.  Being a hockey mom is just like being president.
3.  4 more years of awesome Tina Fey impressions.
4.  She is the only candidate you can masturbate to.
5.  Drill baby, Drill
6.  When she had the option to keep or abort her retarded child, she chose to give it a retarded name.
7.  Second place in Miss Alaska pagent, but she was robbed !!!
8.  Best prepared candidate to deal with a terrorist attack.  If the terrorists are moose related.
9.  Only candidate with a sex tape.
10.  Again, the sex tape.
[Comes from with a NSFW pic]
More fun though is the Palin as President site ( which lets you imagine the posibilities if the Republicans win again and McCan’t has a heart-attack/stroke/prolapsed rectum, she’ll have her finger on the button…

SABC Serrrius nuus

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Love this. Total fail, but kudos for still trying.

(Thnaks to The Hyrax for the giggles)

Images of The Sun

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Thanks to’s the Big Picture for the fantastic images of the sun. For the originals and the full story behind the images, head over to



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Bailout Concerns

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I Found this online and thought it was worth repeating:

To Nancy Pelosi and Congress: Banking Bailout is Bad Policy
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I am upset about the bailout because:

1) I’m sick of hearing about free markets and sick of dealing with the consequences of a manipulated, ill-informed public. The continued privatization of profit coupled with the socialization of losses promotes a two-tiered socioeconomic system, wherein corporatations benefit from socialist economic protection while private citizens are subjected to authoritarian coercion. In effect, private citizens become second-class citizens. Evidence of this can be found whenever officials refer to citizens as consumers. Consumers are constructs invented by corporations, and when officials talk about consumers, they reveal who they really work for.

2) I’m concerned that this bailout will be used as an instrument of global economic imperialism.

3) This proposed bill is designed to further economic growth and I’m not at all convinced that economic growth is a priori wise, sustainable or desirable: we live on a planet with finite resources.

4) I’m concerned about legislation of this magnitude originating in the Executive branch’s Department of the Treasury, rather than in the legislature. Furthermore, if the government plans to profit from the bailout, the Treasury’s proposed legislation might therefore be unconstitutional as per Article I Section 7 of the US Constitution.

5) I’m concerned about fairness issues: CEO-to-employee wage disparities have increased dramatically in the last 50 years: why don’t the people who caused this mess pay for it out of their own pockets? Among large corporations, average CEO salaries are over 300 times what a typical worker receives, a disparity whose increase has only accelerated in the last 15 years. In 1960, typical CEO salaries were only 40 times typical worker pay.

6) I’m concerned that the Treasury’s acquisitions of toxic debt will have no oversight from any court or government agency whatsoever.

7) I’m concerned that debt can be treated by banks as assets.

 I’m concerned that the bailout might precipitate further bank failures by making it more difficult for insolvent banks to mask the fact that THE MONEY DOESN’T EXIST

9) This sets bad precedent: representatives shouldn’t do things their consituents don’t want; YOU’RE NOT A LEADER, YOU’RE A REPRESENTATIVE. GET IT STRAIGHT.

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Family Guy Does Office Space

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In the most recent episode of Family Guy, they send up the Fax Machine Destruction scene from Office Space.

You know, the one where the characters do to the fax machine what we have all wanted to do to various printers, copiers, coffee machines and Power PC clones (which keep crashing while working through the night to meet a deadline)

Frikkin’ love it…

This single scene puts Family Guy just that one step ahead of American Dad in my internal FG vs AD poll… for now.


Click here to download:

FG Does Office Space-iPhone.m4v (8584 KB)