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BBC3 “The Wrong Door”

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Threadless T-Shirt Submission

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I’ve been working on a doodle in Photoshop for the last year or so, every now and again going back to it. It started as a pen-&-ink doodle then scanned in and reworked with a Wacom tablet ..
While on Threadless, looking to buy more tees, I saw they have a “Threadless Loves… Drawing” competition that I thought the design would match, so entered it.
It’s still awaiting approval, but if it does and you have an account with Threadless, please vote for it. 
By vote, I mean say you love it…

<a href=”” title=”Complicated – Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever”><img src=”” width=”220″ height=”119″ border=”0″ alt=”Complicated – Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever”/></a>


Gremlin Splice Scene Updated

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Eduardo Recife/Misprinted Type

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Yay. After many years the brilliant Mr Recife has updated his misprinted type website and added hordes of new illustration work and type fonts. His fonts are fantastic, and feel ‘handmade’ (I used “Selfish” & “Porcelain” for my wedding invites/website/menu) and for designers interested in a bit o’ dirty, his photoshop brush sets are amazing.
His commercial stuff is over at
Misprinted Type:


Eduardo Recife:


See and download the full gallery on posterous